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Dedicated to providing nothing but the best products and services to our customer, Ayumn Creations Inc. is a company focusing on the product needed for a memorable final goodbye of your loved ones. Having years of experience in designing and developing cremation products, Ayumn Creations Inc. works with a passion to make urn worthy of keeping ashes of your loved ones.

We design & manufacture a wide variety of long lasting & unique cremation urns. Our design are artistic & functional cremation urns for humans & pets. We understand that memorial products are always emotionally connected with family and friends, therefore our team insure all our products are high quality. Hence, we have a strict quality control & quality assurance policy. Our urns are handcrafted by skill artisans, are in reality, the purveyors of this generations’ old tradition.


The design of a cremation urn or keepsake can reflect and honor the wishes of your loved one, as well as align with your needs. Urns are available in a variety of materials and come in different sizes to hold different quantities of ashes. Likewise, the method of filling and sealing the urn differs from one design to another and is sometimes dependent on the material.

Beneficial characteristics of an aluminum cremation urn for ashes include being lightweight, malleable, corrosion resistant and non-magnetic. Aluminum is also one of the more budget-friendly options, making it a popular choice for those also purchasing space in a columbarium in a cemetery.

Enamel is used to decorate the exterior of aluminum cremation urns. This provides color, and creates a smooth, hard, chemically resistant, durable and scratch-resistant surface.

Fine and smooth “Felted Bottom" With Heavy Fabric And Smooth Velvet to avoid the Scratches throughout the Displaying Place of URN. Having “TOP THREADED LID", this URN Provides Complete Security of Cremated Remains.


Each of the urns for human ashes (adult man or woman) are handcrafted with great care and spirit. Gracefully shaped, the serene design of each urn runs deep with sentiment.

We carry elegant and high quality products and we trust that you will be very happy with the quality and creative design of our products.

One of the most stunning as well as exquisite Cremation Urn available today is an Aluminum Urn. A Hand cast Aluminum Urn stores the ashes of the deceased one in a small.

An Aluminum Urn is indeed the best buy today and it acts as a perfect memento. Whenever one feels down and upbeat and misses the deceased one, he can find comfort and solace with the help of an Aluminium Urn.

This depends on how you intend to use the urn. If you like the industrial look of plain aluminum, are looking for a short-term urn, and want something budget-friendly, you can choose aluminum. If durability, customization, and a nice finish are important to you, an aluminum urn is a no-go.

Our Mission is to provide the best quality of cremation urns to honor the memory of your loved ones. We provide superior funeral urns with a sense of responsibility, ethics and sophistication.

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